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An Aussie burger.  A juicy pattie topped with pickled beetroot and a fried egg.  I’m always looking to add to my burger topping repertoire and anything with a runny yolk can’t be bad in my book.  Though the Kiwis go one better and thrown in a slab of pineapple.

Damper rolls make the best burger buns.  Stockmen rounding up cattle in the remote outback would knead a simple dough of flour, water and a pinch of salt and bake the loaf in the ashes ot the campfire.   Dampers are soft and floury, but have a denseness that makes them the ideal partner for a juicy burger.

Homemade burgers are healthy.  No binders, just good quality mince, a bit of garlic, whole grain mustrad and salt and pepper.   Just don’t be tempted to buy extra lean mince – all the flavour and moistness is in the marbling.  Besides, my dad used to slather dripping on bread for breakfast and is still going strong in his mid-eighties.  Everything in moderation…

RECIPE: The Ultimate Aussie burger

Make 4 hefty burgers

For the burgers

500g minced chuck steak

2 cloves of finely chopped garlic

A teaspoon of wholegrain mustard

A dash of Worcester sauce

A sprinkling of salt and a generous grinding of pepper

For the pickled beetroot

Of course you can just slap on a couple of slice of pickled betroot from a jar, but I marinated a raw grated beetroot in two tablespoons of balsamic vinegar and a teaspoon of sugar overnight.

4 damper rolls

4 eggs

A couple of handfuls of rocket

Grated cheddar

The condiments of your choice

INSTRUCTIONS: Split the damper rolls in half and toast in the pan that the burgers were cooked in.  Pile on the peppery rocket and slide the burger on top with some grated cheese.  Fry the eggs in the same pan with a bit of oil if needed.  Add a scoopful of pickled beetroot and lay the fried egg on top.  Smear the sauces on the damper top and squish down.  The Aussie is best served with oven-roasted chips and a Fat Yak.  Enjoy.