Happy New Year! And many apologies, as I have been disconnected for some months…  I’m back on-line and at home in wintry Exmoor.  It is sooooo good to be back!  A cold spell is approaching and as my abode is lacking in central heating, I am counting the days until my wood burner installation!


In the hiatus I’m planning on enjoying the produce of the moorland and lush valleys of Devon (and Somerset), so expect a few more carnivorous and winter-warming recipes.  It was probably the abstinence from pork for a year, but Christmas was a pork-fest, with a roast loin of pork, crackling, streaky bacon wrapped chipolatas and a baked ham for Boxing Day.  Oh, and all the trimmings of course.


Of course the first thing I did was get a wine kit fermenting, the bucket with the 21litres of grape juice and fast-acting yeast (plus some oak chips thrown in for good measure) wrapped in two duvets and a couple of blankets.  Just over a week later, a borderline drinkable 11.5% wine was ready.  Too impatient to wait for it to mature and age in the bottles, I’ve been mulling it – well, it tis the Christmas season!  I’ve still got a backlog of Asian recipes to randomly post as I finish writing them up, so I apologise for the jumble – keeps things interesting!

IMG_3398 Wishing you all a wonderful 2013!