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If it was a carnivorous birthday for panda-in-crime, it was a piscivorous frenzy for mine!  I’d procured a bottle of Talisker, so what better to go with my favourite smoky tipple than peat-smoked salmon and scrambled eggs?


I was apprehensive, as was well aware that panda-in-crime didn’t like scrambled eggs, but then again, he’d never tasted mine and it was my birthday, after all.  It turns out that he does – but then the debate started about whether they were ‘true’ scrambled eggs.   Not scrambled enough apparently, but then again, I do like my scramblies fluffy and velvety, erring on the side of soft.  It was indeed a delectable breakfast, even more so as I added a splash of cream to the eggs for extra unctuousness.


I cook them over a low heat in an omelette pan, not stirring until the eggs are just starting to set, when I fold them over a couple of times and leave them until they are barely set.  Piled onto hot buttered rye toast, draped with smoked salmon, and garnished with asparagus tips and fennel fronds – it really was a superb start to the day!

RECIPE: Smoky scramblies with a wee dram

Serves 2


3 large free range eggs

2 tablespoons of double cream

A sparing pinch of nutmeg

A generous sprinkling of salt

A knob of butter           

A couple of slices of smoked salmon

4 asparagus tips, sautéed in butter

Dill or fennel fronds, to garnish

Four slices of buttered toasted rye, or the bread of your choice

A wee dram of peated single malt

METHOD: Melt the butter in the heavy-based frying pan over a low heat.   Beat the eggs with the cream, and add a pinch of nutmeg and seasoning (I find I need to add more seasoning than I’d normally use in creamy egg dishes like this or quiche).  Pour into the pan and leave to cook for a couple of minutes.  When the egg is just starting to set (you don’t want a brown crust to form on the bottom as in an omelette so you do need to keep it on a low heat), fold it over a couple of times and leave for a minute more until it is just set.  I guess this is more folded omelette than scrambled eggs, but this method does guarantee velvety, smooth eggs.  Pile the eggs onto hot buttered toast, draped with smoked salmon, and lay a couple of asparagus tips and fennel fronds on top and enjoy with a wee dram!