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Eating on a budget is going swimmingly, so far…

My living sourdough pizza dough ‘Papesse’ helps, as I calculated a basic margarita made with 150g dough (that’s 100g of bread flour, the 50g is water and the little critters) costs just 26p.

A venison sausage and mushroom pizza @ 51p (yes, I'm spoilt by living in the Westcountry)

A venison sausage and mushroom pizza @ 51p (yes, I’m spoilt by living in the Westcountry)

The there’s pasta, especially spaghetti, as you can pick up 500g of an ‘own brand’ for 19p and a tin of plum tomatoes for 31p…

Pasta alla Norma @ 41p (aubergines are pricey)

Pasta alla Norma @ 41p (aubergines are pricey)

So it’s working out that one meal a day is a carb fest, with a lighter salad, soup or veggie option for the other.

bean slad1

Today’s delicious seasonal salad took just five minutes to make and cost 52p (helped out by the wild rocket and herbs growing in my tiny garden), so we’re well within our £1 budget.  With lemony broad beans, rocket, new potatoes and crumbly feta (75p for ‘salad’ cheese but I discovered ricotta salata also works well), it’s easy to make up your five-a-day.  Shards of crunchy pancetta work particularly well scattered on top or you could plop a poached egg on top for a more substantial meal.

bean salad2

RECIPE: Broad bean, feta and new potato salad with a lemon and fennel dressing

Serves 2


4 new potatoes (about 400g), sliced into rounds

2 handfuls of broad beans, frozen or freshly podded*

A spring onion, finely chopped

A frond of wild fennel (or dill), chopped

The zest and juice of half a lemon

A glug of olive oil

5-6 mint leaves, shredded roughly

2 handfuls of rocket leaves

A couple of nasturtium flower petals

30g of crumbled feta

A sprinkle of salt

INSTRUCTIONS: Add the potatoes to a small saucepan of boiling water. 

Grate the lemon zest into a bowl, and add the chopped spring onion, fennel, lemon zest and juice, and oil.  Taste and season if required.

Test the potatoes after 5 minutes with a fork and throw in the broad beans for another minute. Drain and toss into the salad dressing whilst warm, so the potatoes absorb the flavours.  Toss in the rocket leaves and mint, and scatter the crumbled feta and nasturtium on top and enjoy!

*I don’t bother removing skin of the broad beans as (i) life is too short (ii) why waste all those nutrients?