About me

Welcome to The Globetrotting Panda: an eclectic collection of recipes and musings inspired by a gluttonous pursuit for world domination.

Me after tackling the chilli crab at Pulau Ketam (literally Crab Island) in Malaysia

If I love eating and I love cooking more.  Even after a hot and sweaty day traipsing through the jungle I find it oddly relaxing to come home and prepare ravioli.I must admit that I rarely follow recipes to the letter. I believe that one of the benefits of cooking for yourself is that you can tweak things to your own taste.  I’m trying to record my culinary adventures for posterity, as life seems to be passing me by in a blur.  I used to vegetarian so I’ll also try to include creative adaptations for non-carnivorous diners – even though I no longer just eat shoots and leaves (even pandas fancy a juicy sirloin on the odd occasion).    

Why ‘panda’?  Perhaps it is an unfortunate nickname, but I hope it’s an allusion to a perpetual munching on tasty morsels (affectionately christened as panda snacks), rather than the rotundity of my belly.  Whatever the case, it’s stuck and I proudly revel in all things pandish.  Being a panda is a way of life, almost Epicurean in logic.  No guilt at ordering a laksa immediately after polishing off a plate of char kuey teow or celebrating the fact that it is Thursday with a bottle of cava and a Roquefort and sobrasada bocadillo for breakfast at La Champagneria in Barcelona.  A nomadic lifestyle is the perfect partner to a curious palate and so The Globetrotting Panda was conceived.

I hope you find the pandish way of life to your liking and are inspired to try out some of the recipes for yourself…

Thanks for dropping by!

DISCLAIMER:  The recipes on this site are my own (unless otherwise stated) and though I have done my utmost to ensure their accuracy I apologise in advance for any errors within.  A lot of Asian recipes call for scary amounts of chillies.  I happen to like spicy and garlic-laden food, but if your palate is less accustomed to burning heat, please adjust the recipes to your own taste.  I should also say that I am in no way a ‘photographer’, but I’m trying to do the best I can with my little pink camera and hoping with every click that panda-in-crime doesn’t mind that dinner is lukewarm again…


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